Daniele can't catch a break.

I was pleased to meet you.

Anyhow, don't make me one.

Tamy discovered a mistake in the sentence structure.

He's still mad.

You must keep your room tidy.

You have time.

We drink a lot of beer at home.

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If you pass the exam, how about we go to the bar to drink beer?

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This is an amazing result.

If one wants to grow, one must not avoid hardships.

Does Eugene have ponytail?

What do you think I should say?

Michiel threw a snowball at Al.

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Do you have kids?

Rudolf and Lum both screamed.

I've failed in every respect.

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One gypsy family with their caravan was encamped.

Ragnar hasn't forgotten you.

Dan was immediately smitten with Linda.

Why would Darrell come now?

The field measures more than 300 acres.


He is a kind man at heart.

Please don't get her excited.

I have never eaten with chopsticks.

You should already be able to understand.

Let's go and investigate.

She is not only pretty, but also bright.

What can we do?

This is what I've been looking for.

I asked Jason to be here by 2:30.


These roses are beautiful.


Charleen doesn't smile often.

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Darren said he didn't believe it.

His weekly wages are $20.

I won't let them hurt you.

Did you see what she was wearing?

I needed to talk to Stu.

Oh, he eats like a bird.

Jinchao bought a gun.

He denied knowing anything about it.

This no longer matters.

Rural life appeals to me very much.

Please don't play near the railroad tracks.

Return it when you are done.

Marian told me that he enjoyed the movie.


Did anyone hear the gun shot?

Stop looking at me like that, you'll make me blush.

He hung an old, wooden oar on his wall as a decoration.

I think it is good for students to clean their classroom.

I pressed the button to turn the radio on.

You're very cute.

You're exercising.


You can't use this faucet. It's out of order.

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May I go to the nurse?

It's just a minor problem.

Doing that would be a good idea.

Mechael and Lorraine aren't the only two who don't understand.

Douglas whistled for his horse.

He's represented us in Congress for years.

Many astronomers assume that the universe expands infinitely.

Let's go along this street.

I made a bad call.

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What will the neighbours say?


Would you be able to call a doctor for me?

Russell hadn't eaten anything the whole day and was very hungry.

She has 3,500 books in her library and many of them are first editions.

Ignorance of the law excuses no man.

Has he stayed here before?


Can I have one of those?

That's entirely possible.

I know you hired an accountant.

I can't really read her.

The night is hot.

My job is to anticipate problems.

What kind of talk is this?!


The one whose butt got burned has to sit on the blisters.

I'm on to you.

I thought you were rude.

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As soon as the rain stopped, the tennis match continued.

The noise bothers me.

Ha ha, I just dreamt that I won five million RMB.

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Did you hear it?

You can accomplish this.

Will you please shut the door?

He took the job for the sake of his career but he didn't like it.

Well, what are you good at?

Why did you buy a Japanese car?

Hank can't trust Julianto.


Everything stopped.

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

I'm very interested in learning French.

Let me say goodbye to Piet.

What made it difficult for you to carry out the plan?

What does the law say about mobbing?


The ship lowered its gangway after docking.

He was visiting his foster mother.

Have you learned to drive a car?

Why do you think football isn't popular in America?

My flat is located on the first floor.

Let him talk first.

I wouldn't count anything out.

It would be interesting.

The sick man required constant attention.

One must keep one's promises.

When will we go home?

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I should have listened to my father.

Is that the car you told me about?

I'm afraid she will turn down my request.

That's a mighty fine question.

Have you found something?

Fire up the engines.

I think that Tatoeba is quite slow today.

Good night! It's time for little girls to go to bed.

His courage will carry him through this difficult job.

Pratapwant assigned Penny to do the job.

Don't bring food inside the tent. It will attract animals.


His voice was flat and lacked enthusiasm.

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Troy solved the problem easily.

I want something better.

We arrived at that plan out of pure desperation, but the book sold well.

I don't want her seeing this.

Why are you resigning?

It's probably just a misunderstanding.

Jarvis says that anyone can be hypnotized.

We could not but weep at the sad news.

He is at his office.

Drew was Clay's only friend.

I care about her.


Harry is an American actor.


Would you be so kind as to let me borrow your cell phone, please?

Wake me up at seven o'clock.

Alfred lost his hearing aid.

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Prakash was beginning to feel sleepy.

I don't want to lie.

Rumors were current about him.

We can not dispense with sleep for too many days.

I'm really sorry about Prakash.

The nurse gave me a flu shot.

I don't care what Jerome does with his own money.


I can lose my temper.

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What is popular now?

Harv ate a piece of toast and drank a cup of coffee.

When are you moving to your new house?

I asked Roy to open the window.

I am afraid they don't get along very well.

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He decided not to buy the house, because in the first place it was too expensive, and in the second place it was too far from his office.

I would love to drive the car but I'm only 14.

It is clear what must be done.


My uncle is not young, but healthy.

I read the book up to page 80 yesterday.

If it were up to me, I'd say yes.

I will wait for you in front of the radio station.

I have a young daughter.


The two sides hold talks this week.

Is this the real truth?

I'll sue you.

Was I snoring?

I haven't spoken to her yet.

Vern didn't seem to understand what you said.

Please write to me when you get there.

Arne has been drinking, but he isn't drunk.

Malaria is a disease spread by mosquitoes.


He's wasted.


Now it's all clear to me.


Are you going to do that again?