I studied for one hour.

The problem defies solution.

Birds flew away at the sound.

Be careful not to offend Drew.


This is simple.

Konrad worked as a physiotherapist.

He has a fair skin and hair.

What did you want him to do?

Mike doesn't practice basketball on Monday.

He turned on the TV, and promptly fell asleep sitting before the set.

I think I believe her.

Jelske hasn't been in school.

The game got more and more exciting.


I want her in my office.

Lorien took off the blindfold.

Shall we wait a little more?


I'd like to introduce you to my friend.


The children have forgotten their homework.

She has no less than twelve children.

Micky came to ask us to help him.

Someone might get hurt.

You can tell us.

This book, which I've read two times, was a present from Peter.

Were you worried?

I prefer English to music.

His actions disturb me.

That's a very interesting question.

The president gave up the idea because it was not practical.

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You have to believe in something.


Gabriel can take a couple of weeks off if he needs to.

Who are these men?

I don't think it's a good idea.

That house with a red roof is my uncle's.

This makes me remember you.

Let's not waste time talking about this.

They went home to their respective houses.

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You're full of surprises, Graeme.

Tony speaks English the best in our class.

Bud and Jeffie don't really have much in common.

Where are they going in such a hurry?

Come down.


A clever man is always quick in the uptake.


What are you looking for there?


I'd like you to join us.

The little boy is being spoiled by his grandmother.

Do not push that button.

The house was empty, if you don't count the cat.

I can still work.

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It's a tough and reliable vehicle.

Have you been away?

Life is short.


Wayne doesn't have any friends he can talk to about this.

Wool is warm.

Liz and Shari walked through the arboretum.

I work for much time.

He's ugly.


Don't act like you know me.

Craig brushed his teeth.

Buddha, impressed by the rabbit's efforts, raised him unto the moon and set him in that form forever more.

He woke Win.

Don't show this to Orville.

Janet has done an admirable job.

I copied in my notebook whatever he wrote on the blackboard.

He was beside himself with grief.

Carisa is cheating on Graeme.


You can borrow my car anytime.

He became very elated at the news.

It is best to review the material before the presentation.


As far as I know, he is one of the best doctors in town.


The poet Keats belongs to the Romantic school.

Just hold on.

How would you repair it?

That's all I can tell you right now.

His sister does not go to the United States.


Not a cloud was to be seen.

Did you love him?

I abhor spiders.


There is no one to blame for the accident.

He opened a newspaper and covered the dead child.

I know what to watch for.

None of us have met Mahesh.

Lars told me Izchak gave that bicycle to him.

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That's so untrue.

We didn't stand a chance.

Be careful with Clayton.

The hosiery factory produces 600,000 pairs of socks a day.

It is true that she is pretty, but she is selfish.

We plowed the field.

Aren't you being unreasonable?

She has no more than twelve puppies.

Miles didn't realize he had his sweater on inside out.

I won the lottery.

Do you know what to do if there's a fire in the building?

He was nominated for the presidency.

What does the special taste like?

What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.

I'm getting really bored just sitting here.

It's not a secret.

Don't look for us.

There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Tomorrow's your day off.

She never forgets to admire our baby.

Have you called in the bomb squad?


Patty tried to fire his gun, but nothing happened.

I had a bespoke suit made.

Lorenzo works for a food bank.

I have work to do, so go away and leave me alone.

Brenda didn't know how to thank Vincent.


Homesickness is a longing to go back to where you are from.

She answers requests for information from Monday morning to Wednesday afternoon.

Stop him!

Emil kissed Thad passionately on the lips.

That's big talk for an upstart like you.

I hope it snows all night.

Don't be so down in the dumps. You just got dumped, that's all.

Does Hsuan still live in Boston?

Our teacher is always on time for class.

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Erection problems can have various causes.

I'm glad you got a dog.

The water of the water supply is dangerous.

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In October, the leaves begin to fall.

I didn't want Randolph to die.

I count them every day.

I really think we're safe here.

Have you tried talking to Harmon about that?

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This, the first of the miraculous signs, Jesus performed in Cana in Galilee.

He is supposed to come here at 9 p.m.

Rathnakumar opened the freezer and took out a container of ice cream.


I thought you were going to kill me.

She did not agree to the proposal.

Nichael wondered how many pairs of shoes Milner owned.

Do you have any predictions?

You weren't at home when I dropped by.


Make sure to bring that back inside before it rains.

It was such a hot night that I could not sleep till midnight.

Do you want it?

Are you guys stupid or something?

I need some sugar. Do you have any?

Annie is trying to reason with Jurevis.

I came to ask you something.

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Shyam, I know this is an unfair question, but I'm going to ask it anyway.


Only then did I realize that I had left my wallet at home.

For all his wealth, he was still unhappy.

When do you rise?

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Why do I have to talk to her?

Linda put the magazine on the coffee table.

Captain Cook discovered those islands.

Jesus, it's not your fault.

If you don't eat your veggies, you won't get any dessert.


Elvis ate all of it.

That's the whole idea.

We visited Corfu.


Neither of us wants to get married.

Our soccer team was covered in glory.

Nicolette put her high-heels back on.

You need to get out of the car.

They say you should use your imagination.


I had naan with the tea for breakfast.

Can't you get in touch with Nadeem?

I signed this petition.

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I am crazy for him!

When do you start for Sado?

Le Verrier expected to be declared the sole discoverer of Neptune, but months prior to his calculations being completed John Couch Adams, an English mathematician, had accomplished the same feat. As a consequence, Le Verrier and Adams share the honor as Neptune's discoverers.

Jos gave the dog a piece of meat.

"And that's your best?" Myrick retorted spitefully.


He came to see me all the way from his hometown.