I thought maybe I'd better not go home right away.

You will harvest your wheat in July.


Yesterday, my aunt regained her sight.


He walked slowly for the child to follow.

A high level of testosterone will drive your red blood cell count up.

The book was written in a hurry, so it is full of errors.

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Why didn't you warn him?

He provided us with everything we needed.

I like him very much.

I have to give myself up to studying for final exams.

Your soul has been condemned to hell.

Sea turtles are magnificent creatures.

Until the age of 21, children love their parents; at 25 they judge them, afterwards they forgive them.

The country is in crisis.

Vernon didn't give Ramsey a chance.

I want you out of here by tomorrow.

Let's pay them a visit.

I am against war.

I don't want him to do that.

Is there a drugstore nearby?

I know him very well.


Marian assigned the job to Julia.

Mr Yamada, there's a phone call for you.

The soccer tryouts are today.

Saiid dozed off during the meeting.

It's amazing how much time it takes Rodger to wash his car.

I would never hurt Randall.

All the ills of democracy can be cured by more democracy.

The problem is beyond the scope of my understanding.

Because of the difference in climate, the same crop is not cultivated in the North and East of the country.


He won't always be around

I got promoted.

The drawings Lyod has made show people from the 14th century.

He wrote a letter, listening to music.

Please call me as soon as you arrive in Boston.

He is eighteen months old.

She tends to be late.


You might want to give this back to Jeannette.

This distillery uses organic grains and distills its whiskey from scratch.

It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.

I don't remember that conversation.

It is a big responsibility.

The answer to your question is very simple.

Ron is just like you.

Do you want to drink something?

Many young Japanese travel overseas these days.

I eat and destroy.

There's so much more I need to say to you.

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I ran into Leon at the station.


In 1683, the Turks besieged Vienna for the second time.

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We have some legal problems to work out.

You can't give up on him.

She moved to first place.

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Theodore was the only one on the ship when it exploded.

Give it to us.

The actor really played cowboy roles better than any other actor.

Brazil has one-third of the world's rain forests.

You cannot expect such a good chance again.

I don't know what I'll do after Christmas.

What I'm going to do is study French.

The speaker paused and then went on talking again.

Pierce and Malcolm went spelunking.

I begin tomorrow.

These cardboard boxes are fragile.

Most reasonable people would understand that the government had no choice but to make the decision that it did.

Institutions, however noble their missions, have failed to replace the family.


What do you generally watch in the evenings?

I've got two books.

Tell us how you feel.

What tennis players do you like?

Ritchey has complete faith in his boss.

I regret kissing her.

Don't let that stop you.

The burglars broke into the bank at night.

A stranger felt up Louise's breasts as she was returning home.

Jin promised me that he would come back.

His hair was brown.

My mom married my dad in the nineties.

I'm offering you the chance to be happy.

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Do you see that man over there?

I believe in getting up early.

Dan always carried a gun.

He was charged with speeding.

She knew too much.

I don't know what you heard about her.

I told them it wasn't mine.

I can't see through walls.

His standing up was the signal for everybody to start leaving the room.

Naoto makes me happy, too.

This cellphone is really expensive.

Congratulations on your anniversary.

Time is money.


His family moved around a lot.

I wonder why Kimberly killed himself.

If I'd told you what goes through my head each time you do that, you'd quit it immediately.

Winston pretended that he didn't hear Alfred.

That wouldn't help.

Dan found a human skull a few yards from the road.

Let me tell you this. No one succeeded without making an effort.


I never mentioned it again.

Nou closed the door.

Daryl told Francisco why he was late.

On arriving home, I discovered the burglary.

You dragged me into this!

They don't talk to us anymore.

The numbers don't add up.

I won't let you harm her.

Luis never said he wanted to go with us.


Niels can't find anyone to help him.


I can't find anything wrong with his theory.


You should've phoned me right away.

I don't want anything to happen.

What was that noise?


I don't think this is for you.

Tell him to take a hike.

What do you want to do with your life?

The people he lives with in London will be coming to visit me.

My friends invited me to dinner.

I'm just filling in here temporarily.

I'll give you a good price.

She was determined to make the marriage work.

I didn't leave until after 2:30.

Anatoly is adorable.

Grief drove her mad.

She firmly asserts that she will not sing in front of anybody.

Jonathan was too tired to even just watch TV.

Please show it to me again.

Why are we protecting them?

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Everyone was looking at Martyn curiously.

Just observe your cat and you will get to know him.

You pompous git!

Matt wiped the tears from Brodie's eyes.

That's gross.

On his bicycle he can dodge through traffic with amazing speed.

He doesn't know the truth yet.

I didn't want to worry you.

Maybe I'll call you sometime.

But it's not fair!

If it were so easy to take a house with you, I would at least have brought one with a kitchen and a bathroom.


What you've just told me chimes in with what I heard yesterday.


The boys marched on, singing merrily.


Silence makes some people nervous.

I have no idea how many people will be at the picnic.

The cycle of blood is not regular.


I would like to rent a car.

We must concentrate our efforts on the desk.

Nobita is someone who can bestow happiness upon others and shoulder their misfortunes. That is, for a human, an extremely valuable trait. He'll probably make you happy, too.


I like TATOEBA very much!

The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv.

I don't want Kolkka to go out after dark by himself.

Phone for you.

She didn't want him to go out with other women.

Where is the way out?

No pain, no gain.

I decided to tell the truth.

Sandeep is much more experienced than me.

Deeds are better than words.

We cannot follow your plan any longer.

She adhered strongly to her belief.

I'm really surprised.

I'm going to look after it tomorrow.

Food and drink are material needs.

Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Roses have a nice fragrance.

Kolkka is confident of his ability.

There were two hundred people in the room.


In Russia, as elsewhere in the world, folklore is rapidly scattering before the practical spirit of modern progress. The traveling peasant bard or story teller, and the devoted "nyanya", the beloved nurse of many a generation, are rapidly dying out, and with them the tales and legends, the last echoes of the nation's early joys and sufferings, hopes and fears, are passing away.

My best friend is like a sister to me.

Can you stand on your head for more than three minutes?

He tried everything to win this prize.

Your bike is better than mine.


The game lasted too much.

For the contiguous 48 states, 7 of the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 1998.

This is the most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen.