I don't know what it sounds like.

People tomorrow will have different ideas.

Josip didn't give me any alternative.

Let's not forget that Earnie is only thirteen years old.

Sam isn't like us.


He was so angry, he was red in the face.

We'll stay with him.

Marvin should apply for this job.

I'll be free tonight.

I saw him go inside.


He chose to be operated on.

They sailed around the world.

It's no use regretting it now.


Why do you care so much about what Joachim thinks?

This is good coffee.

It's not mine to give away.

You could get into the Guinness Book of World Records as the heaviest drinker.

Ranjit is cool under pressure.

From this point, we must proceed with caution.

What if someone finds out?

Shai set his drink down.

Maarten looks a little better today.


Look at those cattle.

Marci weighed it.

I challenged Juha to a race.


Amarth turned up the heat.


From that day on, we helped him learn Japanese.

The cat meowed.

She is a typist.


She closed the door as fast as she could and ran away.

If Wolf didn't want to be here, he would not have come.

He has a crush on the girl next door.

A refreshing breeze blew.

Have you ever read "Moby Dick"?

We had to write off the debt.

He likes listening to the radio.


Mwa told me that you told him that I wouldn't go to his party.

Do you often dance at St. James's?

I know where to hide.


The person who wrote that book is possessed of both humour and wit, isn't he?

Your opinion is important.

Why doesn't she care about me anymore?

I think they're students.

I think that'll be enough.

How often do you like to go to the beach?

The sky has become overcast.

Aside from his salary, he receives money from investments.

Cole has been nice to us.

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I've worked with Jean-Christophe.


Four multiplied by two is eight.

Just leave me alone.

My shoes are completely worn out.


There's no telling when she'll stab you in the back.


He died an unnatural death.

We'll look into that.

I can't do this without you, Melinda.

The house was burned to the ground.

Rajarshi Jackson spoke to our class today at school.

It was quite possible to buy a house, just as it is in England, provided one gives up the idea of buying a home one likes, and at a reasonable price.

When and how did the message in a bottle appear?

I'll keep an eye on Catherine.

That is my father's first letter.

I can't go with you. I have an engagement.

The window washer lost his grip and fell to his death.

We will never forget about you.

I've been trying to cheer Tobias up.

I went to Boston to visit Dawson.

I'm just about to head off to the station.

I'm going to Australia.

Do you have any books to read?

Our team competed with a powerful rival.

Harry has to stay in the house because he has the chicken pox.

She seemed to enjoy it.

These are my sister's magazines.

Why did you change the plan?

We believe you, Jeannie.

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I don't want to think about that.

Do as you're told to do.

I want you to beat in his pasty, white face


That would be really funny.

Beowulf was fatally wounded in the battle.

What exactly did Murph tell you?

This TV was made in China.

I have a favor to ask.


He is Commander Joki.

It's Howard's dream to live in the mountains.

Hardworking as he was, sometimes he felt disinclined to study.


Why didn't you use the money I lent you?

Why don't you think about it for a while before you make up your mind?

Do you still think it won't happen?

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Were you on time for work today?

No work is as hard as the one you don't like to do.

I thought you'd want to take a look.

She chatted with her friends about the football game over coffee.

He went to the airport to see her off.

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The local priest pleaded with the people there to save the church. Several people ran to a nearby river to fetch water, but it was too late.


My daughter was not reasonable when I asked her to spend less money.

I'd like to take the pill.

Joni was hopping around on one foot and yelling because he'd stubbed his toe.

Lucius couldn't wait to get home.

"We must digitize these documents to preserve them for future generations." "But what if the data is lost or becomes unreadable by future technology? Books require no technology to read, and are immune to technological change." "Details, details."

The cat jumps on top of the table.

I thought Mats would stop by and say hello.


Search everyone who comes into this room.

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I just thought I'd mention it.

Could you please pick Shigemi up for me at the day-care center?

Jisheng isn't handling the situation very well.

Trey knows how to swim.

Thou hast sight and seest not.


Subra tells me you're smart.


Let's do this before I change my mind.

This is the way he learned English.

I can't even lift this small box.

The water bottle is in the fridge.

I'm surprised Wade isn't carrying her in his purse.


We are consoling her mother.

I made Amarth promise to come on time.

Our arrival at Narita was delayed by an hour.


Panzer and Paul work together at the same company.

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I want to kill you right now.

He's read a lot of books.

I don't feel comfortable posing in the nude.

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By no means may you cut out the pictures from the books on the bookshelf.

Make her move!

I'm a little tired.

Dan was completely confused when he saw Linda with another man.

Anne said he was a new student.


We defeated them in baseball.


Rayan saw Ramsey and John flirting with each other.

A cow cannot jump from the tree like a unicorn.

He has plenty of cheek.

May I borrow an umbrella?

It's much better now.

She could not find her way back.

Mr. Tanaka called while you were out.

You should ask Dawson out.

Ranjit and Srinivas killed themselves.

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Instead of flattery, give us an honest and sincere estimate!

Freedom is the center of American democracy.

She died of natural causes.

Everyone here is afraid of Kari.

Jitendra did it anyways.

She was then more beautiful than she is now.

Dare you ask him about it?

Let's go in the other room.

If you will excuse me for a few minutes, I'd like to make a call.

The boy has already gone to bed.

With it raining like this, we'll never be able to leave.

Cats kill rats.

A French translation of this book was published in 2013.

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She used to live with him.


You can't have dessert until you finish your meal.


Heidi has been sedated.


You won't want to miss it.

To get the nation's economy out of the red, more foreign aid had to be pumped in.

That has us concerned.


It seemed that Lisa was at a loss.

We made sure of it.

Yogurt is made from milk and cream.

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The tolerance of ambiguities is necessary in learning a language.


Simon tried to suppress a smile.