I'm being held hostage.

I don't feel like cooking tonight.

She changed the subject.

I thought you'd be home studying.

The widget that overcomes Web-Marketing's weaknesses.

What's on TV?

Who knows the flavor of misfortune knows how it tastes to others.

Val told me that he used to be very poor.

The new picture has made a record breaking hit.

He sent a letter addressed to his uncle.

Elliott's got a short fuse and flies off the handle at the drop of a hat.

We spent the afternoon fooling around on the beach.


He appeared at 5 o'clock to the minute.

I burned my fingertip.

Fine feathers make fine birds.


She tried to talk him out it.

You can't leave me hanging.

Where did you get that sweater? At the Salvation Army or from the trash?


Sparks were coming out of the chimney.


I was up all night, too.


You're just like an angel.

Vassos knows quite a lot about Terry.

I do not believe in the God of theology who rewards good and punishes evil.


Do you know how much it cost me?


I'll love you forever.

Could I have some more coffee?

I don't see any damage.

She's a terrible do-nothing.

Andre tried to put Ole at ease.

Will you wash my shirt?

I'm keeping an eye on you.


Louie was not famous.

I am very good at appearing organised, although the reality is somewhat different.

I heard you have a beautiful voice.

You're sexy, trust me.

Playing go is my favorite pastime.


When do you eat turkey?

Matthieu never hurt Donovan.

Ted is arguing with Tao.

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What promotions do you have?

Gene comes from Boston.

He is looked up to as a leader.

I have something I need you to do for me.

For me winter is rather something to be put up with than to be enjoyed.

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You're not responsible for what Dwight did.


There is a problem with your order.


Read through the article.

Heavy rain throughout the night has hampered efforts to rescue survivors from the stricken ferry.

Olivier did all he could to help Ned.


Why is there sawdust on the floor?


I haven't seen Jean-Christophe.

The dog is barking at him.

What kind of job did Woody get?

This dish is terrific.

I always work while listening to the radio.


Didn't you hear us?

How did you know I like Sandra?

I have succeeded in doing it.

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We hired a car for a week when we were in Italy.

My car burns a lot of gas.

Chip has a hot tub.

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We have to be careful.


I pray for your happiness from the bottom of my heart.


They are matters which we need to discuss.


Delivery of goods is done after a month of placing the order.

Everyone got excited by the news of the victory.

"What is the plural of Nazi?" - "Assholes."

I left my briefcase on the bus.

John is the taller of the two.


It never made much sense to me anyway.


Where are you getting the money from?

What are your worries?

He may not be able to come.

The sky today is the bluest that I've ever seen it.

East Indian sexuality has been influenced by recent colonial history. By no means are the levels of libido homogeneous throughout India, of course.


Raphael would've helped you.

The building burst into flames.

Ricky's confused.


You came back.


You need to lose weight.

A drop of blood.

I don't think you should have done that.

It's been another avalanche of a road in Ekkjeskaret in Odda municipality in Hordaland Tuesday night and it is unknown if someone is taken by the slide.

You'll pay for that.


Carole probably didn't do the work himself.


I want that blue book on the top shelf. Could you get it for me?

This statue belongs to them.

Mom said I caught a cold because I went out with wet hair.

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I got my room cleaned by my son.


The engineers blew up the bridge because it was about to collapse.

It's about time somebody did something about this broken door.

They had a rest for a while.

Don't let this codebook fall into enemy hands.

It's so impersonal.

I never even saw them.

She took two steps back.

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You and I are soulmates.

Lance would forgive you.

Loukas is a little like his father.

We are already planning to do that.

I was fine this morning until I noticed what they did to me. I'm feeling so aggrieved.

Kirsten graduated third in his class.

It's a real good one.

Hey, where were you?

There was nothing for it but to give up my plan.


Edmund took the hammer from Tran.


I want to have this letter translated into English by tomorrow.

He was sick, but he went to school.

The circus has a wonderful collection of wild animals.

Nowadays, books are accessible to everyone.

Kimmo and Starbuck went on a camping trip.

I thought it might be fun, so I went to Darren's party.

I don't know why my dad hates you.

Argleton is a town in West Lancashire, England which exists only on Google maps.

Get a picture of this.

Luckily, I was able to travel abroad.

Take a walk.

I was looking for Naim.

Charges against Hartmann have been dropped.

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Wendell is the only one here who doesn't understand French.

Are you certain that you lost your book, or did you merely misplace it?

Leon washed his face and hands.

He did well in all subjects and, above all, in mathematics.

Today, Mom has made an apricot cake.

I'm ready for anything.

Here, why don't you let me do that for you?

Real change for most black people, however, was very slow in coming.

They deal in software products.

Jock seems unusual.

Revised is old enough to make his own decisions.

Why did you lie to her?

He went insane from the unhappy accident.

There were more than 100 students there.

I will make up for it next time.

I'm not mad anymore.

He tipped his hat.

How much did you pay me?

He can run 100 meters in less than twelve seconds.

You know as well as I do that we shouldn't be doing this.

Rajesh wasn't the only one who wasn't at the party.


We've decided not to fire Sylvan.

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Joachim is at least a head taller than me.

He'll be here until noon.

Kitty and Mahmoud got matching tattoos.

He paid an eternal life for each one of us.

He's putting on a coat.

Sometimes Tony visited his family.

Jack is Jussi's second cousin, I believe.

I used it when I was in China last summer.

This is the first time I've ever grown a beard.

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I can't trust my textbook.

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Ricardo liked to watch horrifying videos of children being raped.

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Gail transformed himself into a werewolf.

I think Urs needs a vacation.

The globe is similar in shape to an orange.

He has suffered through a long period of illness.

I know what time you said to be there, but I wasn't able to be there at that time.

Jorge misled me.

What language is spoken in Canada?


Jeffie buttoned up his coat.