My children refuse to eat fish.

A few people were killed in the car accident.

Take it easy, OK?

If you don't mind telling me, what was your problem?

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That wouldn't make much difference.

I think I'm being followed.

When did it start?

I am about to cry!

If I tell you a secret, do you promise not to tell?

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What will you be doing at this time tomorrow?


The dish had many diced potatoes in it.

Roman Emperor Caligula had a horse called Incitatus which means fast.

He majors in social anthropology.

Are you a man or a woman?

Why didn't you bring your hat today?

Add that to my bill.

We adopted them.

I thrust my way through the crowd.

Akiko has some friends in France.

I enjoyed myself at the party yesterday.

Are we going somewhere now?

I meet him once every six months.

Have you ever tried adding a Mentos to a bottle of diet cola?

I can't tell you what a disappointment it was that Tricia didn't win the race.

Be loved!

Last year, my brother was late for school every day.

Are you sure this is what Rodney wanted us to buy?


Do you really want me to go?

They'll rescue us.

She gave me a golden luxury watch.

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That reminds me of Paul.

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Do you think I should cook for Diana?

He knew the story already.

Those jets were faster than lightning.

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He decided to go to France.

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You should've asked Randall for advice.


Catherine didn't let me do that.

You're learning, right?

The ATM swallowed the credit card.


Stop being so whiny - you'll start to get on everyone's nerves.

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In the Middle Ages, milk was still popular as a medicine.

I will have repaired your watch by tomorrow.

He was able to ski down the slope in three minutes.

I didn't ask Mann any questions.

You're small.


Eva doesn't know when Hitoshi will come.

I've never met anybody like you.

The doctor bound my wounds.

It's very healthy.

These are two different kinds of bicycles.

Jean-Christophe is playing it safe.

I'll give Vic another chance.


Where was Kyung going?

Kayvan doesn't see why Micky needs a new bicycle.

He's my old drinking buddy.


You're the only one who can make me laugh.

One cannot know everything.

I'd like to give it to them.

That's what I can't understand.

We have strict rules.

The United States have been dubbed the "world policeman", but some American intellectuals do not hesitate to call their own country "rogue state."

Work is considered like a duty.


There's something in your hair.

Hui couldn't see Carlo.

Keep track of everything that looks promising.


I saw Rayan and Adlai eating popsicles.


The plans are being made without regard to his schedule.


I was thinking of going to visit Skeeter.

The girls came dancing arm in arm.

I was hoping to find you here.

I love purple.

We just found them.

He always speaks at random.

I need a woman in my life.

Terrance is very good at math.

I won again.

Graham took Bert's glass of wine.

I might not have told them that.

Stephe and Markus both nod in agreement.

You must answer these questions.

Can I ask Sandy about that?

Hector is in the basement.


Are there any good programs on TV today?

Briggs is going to make mistakes just like everybody else does.

They have twin daughters.

Is that a paper?

Sanford bought some condoms.

Jussi is secretly in love with Shannon.

It's necessary to discuss the problem without delay.

This is the true story of Nelken Jackson.

A computer is a wonderful thing.


You're sure there's no way?

Who is the girl you care about the most?

You should apologize to them.

I'm surprised you came at all.

Is there a quiet corner in here where I can study?

It was excruciating.

The robbery was blamed on Nadeem.

What was Marian talking about?

Go back home!


Jacob can't get over what happened to Saify.


Mr. Suzuki's classes are interesting, but his stories always get sidetracked, so we never make any good progress in our textbooks.

The dog barked at Konrad.

Faith is a never-ending pool of clarity, reaching far beyond the margins of consciousness. We all know more than we know we know.


What's up with them?


We should deposit this money in a bank.

I'll protect him.

That party was a disaster!

We received an anonymous tip.

Both her brothers are teachers.

Suu needed you.

I'm planning to go to the theater today.

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I'm sorry I've caused so many problems.


Stop, runner, or I'll stun you!

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Forks go to the left side of the plate, and knives go to the right.

I haven't read all of these books.

Who helped you pay for your college education?

This is going to get messy.

Ania and Piotr are twelve.

Where's your baggage?

We still haven't found what we're looking for.

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Don't touch it!

Could you please put me up for the night?

That's the last we saw of them.

She spent the whole weekend revising.

All of the students have to wear the same uniform.

The star system Alpha Centauri has a planet called Alpha Centauri Bb.

And, to make the matter worse, he has taken to drinking.

I have so much to tell you.

The little boy got into mischief when he was left alone.


I couldn't do what Paola wanted me to do.

The rugby ball is shaped something like an egg.

Man, I just saw it on the news! Damn, you're making me doubt my own eyes!

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Mr. Fuji died, leaving 4 children behind him.

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Maureen became animated.


It sounds like Lisa has been busy.


Language reflects the history, customs, and soul of the people that speak it.


I'm having a little trouble with this.


I was in pretty bad shape.


We considered the problem from all angles.

These clothes are not appropriate for a cold winter day.

I have something personal to tell you after the dinner.

I'm so worried about you.

I watered my horse.

Don't touch anything, OK?

Leigh is jacking off.

Marsh did good work today.

Jackye is a very serious guy.

Running a farm is difficult.

This book costs more or less 20 euros.

Why did you want to become a teacher?

Your encouraging words are very valuable to me.

He'll never admit he's wrong.

I said get out.


I've felt this way for years.

I won't always be around to help you.

An arrow pierced his liver.


Kathy is going to get fired.

The weather has a great deal to do with our health.

You have too many likes and dislikes.

Tirana is in Albania.

These books are yours.