Where are those prisoners?

Tell her you'd like to help.


I've got a real good feeling about it.

Jesper kissed Lar and she slapped him.

The cat is licking the candle stand out of love for the candle.

Your team doesn't have a prayer to win the championship game.

He made the final decision on all such matters.

They went on a cruise and bought jewellery, paid for by Health Canada dollars.

Did they buy it?

Just by looking at your face, I know that you have good news.

Maybe we should get Norm to proofread this?

Her name was Linda, and she was a year younger than Tony.

Mann says he's going to try to help you find Ian.

I just assumed that it wasn't ready yet.

A pack of wolves attacked the traveler.

Don't go out the front.

The receptionist said to come right in.

She cannot have gone to bed yet.

Move your finger left or right to see another animal.

I'd like to remind you that you're under oath.

I have to say goodnight to them.

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The cherry trees are in bloom.

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I aim to be a writer.

He's not worth it.

She would not trust me with her secret.


Dan didn't even plan to marry Linda.


What exactly are you planning to do?

I'm wheezing.

I hope Guy was kidding.


"Al is thirty years old." "He's not really that old, is he?"

Can you teach me how to swim?

Shannon peeled the potatoes.

I used to own quite a lot land.

He's in the kitchen.


I never made allusion to an intention to marry.

Why didn't you just call?

The police took Dan into custody.

It happened here.

Lorenzo's dead.

This is an important step.

Did Granville say anything about us?

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You can't fire Teresa.


If anything happens to Rajesh, I'll come looking for you.

I need to ask you about him.

Make sure Sanford doesn't see you.

He belongs to the upper class.

I think he will come to our party.

She was asked to go, and she left accordingly.

I can be courteous.


Amir pointed down at his shoes.

I want to go home now.

I think this is fair.

Why did Alfred have to come back?

omg a n00b pwned me!

That class had a substitute teacher for the first week of school.

He's on the honor roll.

Everett was loud.

I was wondering why you came early.

Empty cans were scattered about the place.

She sent me a text.

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The banks are closed.


He is going to shut up shop.

He had his car stolen yesterday.

They were nice.

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Because just a few lines once a month are sufficient, if you write a blog, your ability in English will increase just from doing this.


No matter what happens, you should never give up hope.

Don't you quit on me.

How bad is it?

Nanda has a pen in his hand.

It's raining.

Dinner was incredibly boring.

That house is built of bricks.

I thought Dani would live forever.

I persuaded Myrick to help me.


Let's go shopping.


Concert tickets are quite often expensive.

Leon came to the party last night with Sergio.

He seems like a softy on the surface, but at the core he's got an iron will that makes him an extremely tough negotiator.

Hello, Teri!

The first time, she wasn't very firm with him.

Peter put some flowers on Matthias's grave.

Who's the artist, if I may ask?

I cleared up my desk.

I wish you'd stop saying that.

I'd prefer being alone right now.

Pay will be based on experience and educational background.

Moses is more experienced in business than me.

Are you ready to go back?

We didn't really have so much to drink.

Barton likes spending time with Piete.


You shouldn't have opened Marshall's letter.

You guys are Swedish.

You guys are no fun.

It seems that something is bothering him.

I do it all the time.

Let's find Mahesh before Rand does.

In one's reading, great writers of the past must be given the most attention.

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It looks like someone is waving a white flag.

Andy's French is already rather good.

He's not ready.

We reached our destination just as I thought the car was going to give up the ghost.

We are a lot stronger than you thought.

Please put some more wood on the fire.

I lost my favorite pen.


While I was at it, I felt as if I was walking on thin ice.


You'll have to come with me.

Do you have a lot to do?

When I was small I kept a diary.


Nick doesn't particularly want to go swimming.

You'll eventually forget me.

Don't forget that good jobs are very hard to come by these days.

He denied having taken part in the crime.

I had a good night's rest.

Frederic had to go to work.

Your plan is sure to succeed.

It seems that they took the wrong train.

What did Alex make?


The dog and the cat are sleeping together in a basket.

Move your ass!

I'm leaving on Sunday.

I'm jealous.

I really wonder how much the inheritance tax will amount to.


I don't think it's going to happen tonight.

I'm still not used to my new smartphone!

A piece of paper got stuck in the printer and, when I tried to remove it, it ripped.

My favorite team is Inter Milano in Italy.

We gathered all the books together and put them in the spare room.

You are strong-minded.

Sedat dropped Caleb off at her friend's house.

I don't know why you don't like her.

Rolfe smiled inwardly.


He was knee deep in mud.

We have some wonderful news.

Which one will it be?

Is this Revised's wife?

I have an interview to prepare.

It's dangerous for a beginner to swim here.

Don't go praising yourself.


Are you ready to go to the table?

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What happened to the others?

Mats will be thirty in March.

I want you to try it.


She is living in some village in India.

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He is a modern boy.

Jeffery ran back to the bunker.

Murray could refuse.

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The harbor is closed to navigation.

I'll be back after lunch.

This cake is out of this world.

Has something else happened?

The people are angry.


Whatever happened to him?

Aren't you going to take your coat off?

I said I didn't remember.

I'm very impressed.

Jakob invited us to lunch.


Let Fletcher fight his own battles.

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In case anything happens, call me immediately.

Bruce didn't think he had a chance to succeed, but he at least wanted to give it a shot.

I must be at the wrong place.

He's bad in bed.

Let's not talk about Boston.

Tatoeba is a cool and useful website.

You'll like it, believe me.

Our teacher is someone who likes precision, and always demands precise answers of her students.

He now was sixty-eight years old and a sick man.


Hy has missed this.