Time is on their side.

Skip doesn't understand how a computer works.

Shamim and Lorenzo went to the beach by bicycle.

Yumi will not play tennis.

There is nothing more interesting than languages.

I'm fine. How about you?

The party took place in a big room.

We'll try even harder the next time.


Vincenzo bailed Micah out of jail.

Is your sister here?

Amos was in Andre's way.


They shut up their store for the winter.


That's not quite true.

He came home early in order to see the children before they went to bed.

Fear of falling caused him to freeze.

I think it necessary for you to eat more.

Horst didn't know what was really going on.


They adorned the room with flowers.


My name's Ricardo. What's yours?

We're beginning to understand better.

The answer to this question is easy.

Few students can read Latin.

Duke knew Moses was being sarcastic.


Jose slid open the door.

I don't know what it's called.


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He called me the following day.

We must stop this.

Marcia is sitting in his car.

Just give it a chance.

Dwayne doesn't regret that decision.

I can't play tennis very well.

This maneuver was improvised.

Karl is a therapist.

Markku seemed pleasantly surprised.

They nodded silently.

I need a light coat.

Mayuko wiped a table with a cloth.

Why should I be mad at you?

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They want to cut down the forest to build a hotel and a shopping mall.

I don't have money to buy a new bicycle.

You can ride with me.


Just as I was asking her to marry me, an impudent fellow jumped in.


What a crank he is!

Just keep walking.

I had a tough day.

Under the circumstances, I don't think Annie would mind.

Carisa lied about her age.

Be more careful, or you will make mistakes.

They were drafted.

Don't interrupt us.

I have wanted to go to Brazil for many years.

It's unlikely that a hacker could get into our website.

I tumbled on the truth by the merest accident, when I'd pretty nearly chucked the whole job.

His behavior really got on my nerves.

They're a complete joke.


In my city there is a special bus, called BLQ, which leaves from the airport and stops near my house.


It's just common sense.


This is a top-loading washing machine.

Indra switched the lamp off.

He will come in a moment.

You should feel flattered.

The girl did nothing but read all day.


Hume is as strong as a horse.

I am exactly thinking about this problem.

Heidi should do the same.

Your parents are expecting your call.

He saw his former employer at a conference.

Give her a chair.

You need to tell them the truth.

What book are you reading?

It's a great pity you don't know her.

I understand how you feel.

They are too suspicious about everything.

Honzo had other things on his mind.

Nothing but God can save you.


He could not hold back his tears.


Carter said he had to share a hotel room with a stranger.


The company will hold a presentation of the new model tomorrow.

I am not used to hard work.

In our house there are two cats: one white and the other black.

Dean often skips meals.

If her temperature goes up, send for the doctor.

This is the best movie I've seen in a long time.

Dorian does look tired.


Which doctor is attending you?

Glory follows virtue as if it were its shadow.

There's something I forgot to say.


Mara put the book back on the shelf.

I have been busy for two days.

I also contacted the police.

Can I hold your baby?

Sonja and Kanthan are trying to calm John down.


Suzan promised Merril he wouldn't tell anybody about what had happened.

Can I buy a ticket on the bus?

She had her hat blown off by the strong wind.

Is everyone agreeable to the plan?

Ramanan is the love of my life.

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He won't be able to come anymore due to his obligations.

Maybe you're too young.

Nobody seems to know where Jean is.

He used water colors in short vertical brush-strokes.

A year has passed since then.

I'm moving, so I need boxes for my belongings.

Jiro made a sketch of Mt. Fuji.


Elaine and Bud got married in Boston three years ago.

He wasn't able to explain what had happened.

I got a bargain.


They did not invite me to their wedding.


Per isn't thrilled.

Is there some other solution?

Geoff is a university student.

if you want something, do whatever you need to do to get your hands on it.

He hanged himself.

Let's see if I can convince Vernon to do the job.

Some bike.


Your son is dating my daughter.

I pocketed my keys.

Let's go this way.


A bus got in the way.

Claire took a fifteen-minute break.

Mah and Carsten save over half of their income each year.

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I've looked all over for Klaus, but I can't find him.


Rabbi, that man who was with you on the other side of the Jordan - the one you testified about - well, he is baptizing, and everyone is going to him.

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He is superior to me in his good knowledge of English.

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Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.

I'd rather not do this anymore.

It is already one in the morning, and I still cannot fall asleep.


Would you at least consider my idea?

I want to be a linguist.

He requires that the laboratory exercises be handed in before the final exam.

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This made me laugh so hard.

I am fed up with your nonsense.

My sweater is purple.


Don't look at her.

Would you like to go swimming with us?

You must not do it now.

Nobody wants to be my friend anymore.

This is a free ticket.

They didn't even know why they were supposed to go.

You'll need money.

Blaine doesn't seem to agree with you at all.

She went to a single-sex school.

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It seems like we haven't done anything fun since last October.

Ning is a sloppy painter.

We may not be able to afford it.

Connie laughed before he realized Marion wasn't joking.

What's that in your mouth?

Alf wasn't sure what Horst was talking about.

We think Francisco is going to be ready.

I don't like modern films.

Her finger bleeds when she sneezes. She just sneezed, and now her finger is bleeding.

Now that's right.

She let slip that she had found out about her brother's embarrassing little secret.

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Could I ask you to do that for me?

Please give me the menu.

He was punished for his evil acts.

You're disobedient.

When are you going to tell Naresh about what happened?

I'd like her to be happy.

Elisabeth tried to fire his gun, but nothing happened.

What are your orders?

Jurevis wants to keep Andrew on his good side.

According to what she said, he's culpable.

I thought it was terrible.