Jesus earns double my salary.

He plays on Thursdays.

Samir has been watching.

Some dogs love being outdoor.

I wasn't in the room when Gill asked Rebecca to help him.

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I didn't realize that Lui had never gone to high school.

Fred was thrilled to buy the car.

Ken likes music very much.


At 7 p.m. I have dinner with my family.

Good afternoon.

I need to borrow some money so I can buy some medicine for Vance.

Jim made a superfluous remark.

I bet it's not the first time Lowell has done that.

We have been to Tokyo many times.

Are you coming to pick me up?

You're hopeless.

These are tough moments, I know.

What Rhonda did was pretty stupid.

I didn't catch the last word.

I've never played music professionally.

Tatoeba is not my wife. You are my wife!

Yutaka has two elder brothers.

Brodie could've drowned.

The sun is big.

Urban sprawl and chaos create many planning problems.

Leung may go anywhere he likes.

I like the crisp taste of menthol cigarettes.

You didn't have to cum so early.

Raymond doesn't have any money left.

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He will be back in a couple of days.

Is this the right way to go to the railway station?

I heard that Jeanette wanted to learn French.


Nouns in Latin have five declensions.


I think Merton is getting ready.

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Hohn asked Sonja where she lived.

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Giovanni tore the letter to bits.


Orville did not cry.

Hubert ignored all my warnings.

This view is supported by recent scientific discoveries.

Takeuchi told me something the other night that I think you should know.

Vassos didn't resist.


These beams will not carry the weight of the roof.

They returned the shirts because they were too small.

Susan took Deborah by the arm.

Janice told me how he got his nickname.

They're relentless.


Pigeon racing is a sport that dates back almost 2,000 years.

Van was happy that his landlord lowered the rent.

Sometimes I can't understand what comes over you. I'd like to know that.

She handed in her term paper after the deadline.

Konstantinos is going to help us.

A dollar is equal to a hundred cents.

It's actually kind of fun.

You should have your car washed.

The killer has just taken his fourteenth victim, and we still have no lead on his identity.

This costs more than that.

We have to decide, and soon!

Helen shrieked with terror.

The hunter does not lie down with the prey.


I have eaten the apple.

Schools and roads are services paid for by taxes.

Leave your umbrella at the front door.

Maureen unfurled a huge Russian flag in the park.

Philip is barely alive.

Speak up, Travis.

Merril is riding his bicycle.

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Kirk is willing to try anything.

I have to transfer schools.

Sergio didn't mean to step on Reinhard's foot.

Which party won the last election?

We found some dead fish in the river.

I didn't want Ralph to do that.

We play tennis after school.


Alexis made us do it.

You're not even giving it a chance.

I'll try to get a hold of her.

Geoffrey, I haven't been completely honest with you.

What about your manners!

Devon's face lit up when Alexander entered the room.

I just don't love Vicki.

The negotiations have begun.

Let's focus on getting this done.


You make me blush.

Alexis Jackson practically built this town.

Do you suppose I should attach the web page's URL on those occasions?

I'd like to cancel my ticket.

It doesn't take a lot.

He went by the name of Johnny.

I feel sorry for Angela's parents.

Business recovery, which looks just around the corner, will be rapid and strong.

Don't get killed.

You went too far in your joke.

I'm a twelve-year-old girl.

You may call him a liar, but you cannot call him a bad man.

Were you surprised?

I think it possible that he may come.

I'll never feel that way.

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What're you planning on doing after you graduate from high school?


Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.

Ramesh can't seem to keep out of trouble.

Just get out of here, OK?

The cost apart, the building will take a lot of time.

I'll let you go.

She has great respect for her homeroom teacher.

He is boiling with rage.


My sister will be thirteen years old next summer.


The policemen carried away the body.

Sandy lives on a farm in California.

I'm sorry things didn't work out between you and Nichael.

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He hurt his hand when he fell.

I'm jealous.

My husband sends his best regards to you.

Hindus don't eat meat, in particular beef, and they are mainly vegetarian in order to respect the animals' lives.

Sidney always loses his umbrellas.

I work simply because I like to work.

Suddenly, there was a period of terrible violence and hatred between blacks and whites.

Are you one of Mongo's relatives?

Finish your homework by the time they return.


Norman gave Lenny his knife.

Let me go in and talk to Tyler.

There is nothing scarier than death.

Were you ready?

Alexander sleeps a lot.


The prime minister spoke about the financial crisis at length.

You have thirty minutes left.

Courtney heard Socorrito singing in the kitchen.


How important is this?

Let me tell you how this works.

After seeing her provocative body, he became obsessed with her.

I think it's time we had a little talk.

"Look - there's a fire!!" Exclaimed Dan.

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No, thank you.


I want to see him in my office.

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This book is easy for you to read.

They agreed with one accord.

I can't believe you're giving up.

I recall my childhood with pleasure.

"What happens to man," asked himself the wise man, "when touched by the angel of death?"

Self-harm is difficult to understand if you've never felt the need to practice it.

She is used to speaking in public.

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I'm glad I could help you.

My older brother built his own house last month.

Her father was a diplomat in Kenya.

Please sign your name here.

I sometimes dream about Shirley.

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They canceled.

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He opposes this project.

I have an extremely important meeting tomorrow.

Do you really love me?

The exact same thing happened to me.

That looks so boring.

I still think Anne doesn't get it.

You know what our instructions are.

Jelske appreciated Victor's help.

I promise you I'll do something about the situation.

Sophia Loren's real name is Sofia Scicolone.

Ha ha, I just dreamt that I won five million RMB.

We can understand everything he's saying.

Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.

We have less snow than usual.

I can't do it--not that a stronger person couldn't.

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Could you tell us more about yourself?


The box is rotten.

I was deeply impressed by his speech.

Stop talking about him.

Fletcher is a preteen.

I've got a long way to go.


Our bus left at eight, arriving in Boston at eleven.